Why You Should Consider A Standby Generator For Your California Home

Why You Should Consider A Standby Generator For Your California Home

California residents rely on grid electricity for their home and business power needs. Unfortunately, there have been outages across the state due to increasing heat waves. For those sudden power failures, Alternative Energy Systems has a wide range of standby generators to keep the lights on.

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Protect Your Home In Case Of Outage

A Generac® home generator from AES works to power your home regardless of weather conditions, and installation takes virtually no time. When there are outages on your area’s public power grid, your whole house generator works seamlessly with your existing AES solar panel system to provide uninterrupted power.

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Fueled By Natural Gas Lines Or A Propane Tank

Installation of a Generac® home generator is very easy. The only thing our technician would need access to is a suitable place that a natural gas line can attach to. If you select one of the whole house generators that operate on petrol or diesel, it can be installed virtually anywhere.


Works Even If You’re Not Home

Our standby generators keep your home powered even if you’re not home! They have a built-in automatic transfer switch that detects an outage and switches your home’s source of power from the grid to the generator. So when you arrive back home, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your power was uninterrupted.

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Financing Options Available

Alternative Energy Systems has many financing options available regardless of the type of standby generator you select for your home. Contact us immediately to schedule your first appointment, and we’d be happy to discuss financing that’s tailored to your needs.

At AES, we take pride in powering Northern California with alternative energy sources. We’ve been helping residents since 2003, and we’d love to do the same for you. So give us a call!

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