What to do if you lost your solar system in a fire

We're so sorry to hear of your loss. At AES, we know it can be overwhelming trying to figure out the many things you need to do to move forward. We've put together some information to help you during this time of transition.

The goal is to make sure you aren't getting charged for a system that was lost and no longer operates.


Information you need to get started

You'll want to collect the following information about your insurance claim before you reach out to update your lender or system's leaser.

  • Identify the type of claim you need to file (fire)
  • Have your homeowner's insurance policy number, provider's name, contact person's name, and phone number
  • Provide a claim number from your homeowner's insurance
  • Proof of damage (insurance adjuster's report on company letterhead with business address)
  • Indicate your intention for rebuilding the home, and expected timeline

Contact you lender or system's leaser

If you purchased your system with a loan, you'll want to get in touch with your lender to understand your options. This applies for lenders that work with AES, such as SunPower loan, Mosaic, Enerbank, and Matador.*

If you are leasing your system, you'll need to contact them to let them know you were affected by fire. This applies if you have a SunPower lease.**


Contact your bank

The next step you'll want to make is to contact your bank if your lender or system's leaser suspends your payment requirement. This step is important because it can take time for the lender or leaser to stop your payments and dealing with any lost funds at this time of recovery, which can be daunting.


Make sure to get documentation

When you contact your lender or system's leaser, you'll want to request your original contract and final invoice for your system. This will help you have accurate information as you file your solar system's claim.

It's important to request that you get a confirmation email with end date of auto-payments previously established with your lender or leaser.

Contact Information


  • SunPower or Mosaic loan — 510.746.8602
  • Enerbank loan — 888.725.9152, select "option 2"
  • Matador loan — 818.993.632


Let us know how we can help you

AES is here for you during this time of recovery. If you have questions about any of the steps listed above, please feel free to reach out to us by phone, at 530.345.6980, or toll-free at 855.254.6754.