Solar Panel Maintenance In 4 Easy Steps

Solar Panel Maintenance In 4 Easy Steps

Solar panels require very little maintenance to keep working properly and produce energy for your home. However, there are still some steps involved that will guarantee your panels perform at peak levels for as long as possible. Alternative Energy Systems is ready to help with your solar panel maintenance — give us a call.

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Keep Them Clean

Make sure your panels are clear of dust and debris, especially in periods of dryness. One of the easiest ways to ensure your solar system is operating at peak efficiency is to schedule routine cleanings, usually twice per year. Our team would love to assist you with servicing residential and commercial solar panels.

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Keep Them Out Of The Shade

Although solar panels are still effective when in the shade, you may suffer from the reduced output and potential power interruptions. Trim any trees growing in proximity to your panels and keep them free of excessive growth to ensure the panels are able to operate at their maximum efficiency.

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Log Their Daily Performance

It’s also an important part of solar panel maintenance to monitor and log your system daily. Any fluctuation in performance could signal something as simple as needing to clean your panels or a more serious issue. Let our team at AES help you with servicing your solar panels.

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Hire AES For Help

The team behind Alternative Energy Systems Inc. has over 35 years of combined experience in solar and clean energy, and we care about alleviating the reliance on public utility companies to power your home and business. We’ve been helping Northern California discover and take advantage of the many benefits of solar energy since 2003.

There’s a reason we have “take control, be independent, and save money” on our website — we want you to have the power and energy savings you deserve. Get in touch with us now!

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