4 Ways To Isolate Your Generator From Your Solar System

4 Ways To Isolate Your Generator From Your Solar System

Are you adding a standby generator to a home equipped with solar power? Before you do, understand that generators can’t operate while solar systems are operating, or it will damage your solar panels. Luckily, Alternative Energy System (AES) in Chico, California, can provide solutions to isolate your generator from your solar system.


Use a Transfer Switch

One of the most common ways to isolate your generator from solar power is with a transfer switch. This device allows you to seclude the whole house generator from the grid and the solar system. This ensures the generator is not supplying power to the solar panels.


Install Ground Fault Interrupter

A ground fault interrupter (GFI) is a device used to prevent power surges and other electrical hazards from occurring through your solar system. If you have a standby generator that is connected to solar panels, then you need to consider GFI to protect both systems from potential damage.


Use a Voltage Regulator

In order for a generator to supply consistent voltage to a solar system, you should purchase a voltage regulator. Without this device, the voltage will fluctuate in the generator and damage electrical equipment, including solar power.


Install a Battery Backup System

Using a battery backup system stores enough energy from both your generator and solar system to ensure each system receives a consistent supply of power.

AES is able to install these devices on your generator even if you purchased a whole-house generator from another company. We want to assist you in maintaining a solar system that is functioning as you intended it to. By using one of these devices to isolate the generator from the solar power, you will have two functioning systems for a long period of time. Learn more about our standby generators!

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