4 Things You Should Know About Solar Maintenance

4 Things You Should Know About Solar Maintenance

Like any part of a home, some maintenance is required to keep things running to the best of their capabilities. Thankfully with a home solar panel system, the required maintenance is actually fairly minimal! Here are four things that you should know about home solar maintenance from your California solar panel experts at Alternative Energy Systems!

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Your Personal Maintenance Should Be Minimal

Solar panel technology has advanced by strides since they were first introduced several decades ago, and with those advancements, panels have become more resilient. For most homeowners, typical maintenance will involve a periodic light cleaning to make sure that things like dust, leaves, and other natural debris aren’t obstructing sunlight.

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Monitoring Energy Output is Simple

Monitoring your solar system’s energy output is fairly simple, so it’s easy to tell when your panels aren’t generating as much energy as they should be. Some systems even include a mobile app that lets you monitor energy generation and usage from your smartphone! Otherwise, your solar provider can help ensure that your panels are operating optimally.

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Modern Panels Are Designed For Durability

Thankfully, modern solar panels have been designed with durability in mind. This means that, even through severe weather, most solar panels will escape damage. While solar panels are not indestructible, they should withstand most damage from weather elements like hail and strong winds, and rain. Should a panel receive damage that affects its performance, your warranty should be able to have the panel replaced quickly.

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Professionals Will Handle Repairs and Replacements

Should a solar panel need to be repaired or replaced, such a task will be taken care of by a professional solar installation and repair team like AES. This means that you don’t have to take any responsibility for personally trying to repair or install a new panel — your solar team has you covered!

We hope this helps you better understand and have the right expectations for what solar panel maintenance looks like for your home in California. If you have any questions, are in need of solar panel repair, or are interested in switching to solar, contact AES today!

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