Know Your Solar Rights

Awareness of the many advantages of using solar power is continually growing and spreading across California. More and more people are looking to install solar panels on their roofs in a conscious effort to reduce their energy expenses and help the environment. But many homeowner’s associations (HOAs) have an unfavorable view of these installations because they may not fit the aesthetic of a neighborhood. Thus, some HOA’s will attempt to get you to remove solar panels from your property. But you have rights. At Alternative Energy Systems (AES), we are dedicated to the solar community and committed to its members. With that in mind, here is everything you need to know about your solar rights.

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Homeowners Associations

HOAs can impose limitations on community members’ homes, and solar panels do fall under this jurisdiction. Among these restrictions are calls to consider how panels are impacting the look and feel of a neighborhood. This means HOAs ask homeowners to move solar panels to enhance the beauty of a street and also migrate panels to a shadier area to reduce the glare they create for others. HOA restrictions can also rely on legal caveats to deny installations in an attempt to preserve property values.

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Solar Access Laws

Because HOAs often try to deny homes from going solar, many states have passed legal protections for those that want to pivot to reusable energy sources. These protections against demanding HOAs are less concerned with reasonable demands, and more focused on punitive situations. California is one of the states that has enacted solar access laws to promote alternative energy systems, and the state outlined a model that other states have followed.

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Solar Rights Act

Passed in 1978, the Solar Rights Act in California permits HOAs to impose “reasonable restrictions” on solar systems; however, it does not allow HOAs to ban members from owning solar systems. On top of this, the act prevents HOAs from delaying solar installations past 45 days. The Solar Rights Act has been expanded upon in various ways, including protections for those in multi-unit residences. The success of this system has led to other states using it as a model for protecting their homeowners.

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Save Money

Since 2003, we have been helping both homeowners and businesses save money with solar installations. When you choose AES, you aren’t just choosing independence and control, you are electing to save money. Solar energy is clean and affordable, as it reduces your energy bills and gives you tax incentives.

With all of this in mind, what’s stopping you from switching to solar energy systems? Contact AES and start living more efficiently today.