When To Invest In Energy Storage For Your Solar System

Solar battery storage is a process that allows consumers to “rollover” their unused solar power, make it last longer by saving what you don’t use, and give you access to it later. This creates a way homeowners can utilize more of the energy that their solar panels produce, reduce dependency on utilities, and dramatically reduce their energy bill. There is never a bad time for that! All you need to know about energy storage is here, thanks to your friends at Alternative Energy Sytems.

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The Calendar Doesn’t Determine Your Install

There isn’t a particular season or time of year that would be more or less beneficial for someone to install battery storage. Whether the days are shorter and you are trying to stretch your energy through the night, or the summer storms keep cutting out your power, any season is perfect to invest in battery storage with AES.


Install A Battery Early Or Later?

When you are beginning your solar installation process, and are deciding whether or not to install a battery up front or wait for a later date, that decision is yours! When working with a retrofit integration, it might not always be as easy as “plug-and-play”. At the end of the day, installing battery storage at install or down the road depends on your priorities, budget, and specific situation.


A Great Investment

One concern can be the cost versus the longevity of battery storage. Battery systems can last for up to a decade, and with batteries becoming increasingly affordable, this is an incredible return on investment. Once installed the battery charging can last for an extended period. This can all depend on your battery size, battery’s exposure time to sunlight, your home’s size, and how much energy your home appliances need to operate.


SGIP Rebate

California’s Self Generation Incentive Program is one of the best incentives in the country for homeowners who want to install a home battery with their solar panels. Thanks to the Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) you can get a rebate for most or all of your solar battery installation in California, and it’s easier than ever.


Solar plants generate your home’s energy during the day, but when the sun starts setting, Alternative Energy Systems can even further improve your home’s energy efficiency, while saving you even more money. Visit the Chico showroom or visit Alternative Energy Sytems online to survey more about battery storage systems.

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