What Are Battery Storage Systems?

What Are Battery Storage Systems?

If you went solar and not getting the solar energy results you were looking for, we have a solution for you. At Alternative Energy Systems in Chico, California, you can get battery storage systems to get more out of the sun’s energy.

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About Battery Storage Systems

Battery storage systems for solar power systems are systems that allow users to store excess energy from the sun to use later. This allows homeowners to use solar energy throughout the night or on cloudy days so they can get more out of solar energy. Our home battery storage systems provide you with optimal energy storage and solar usage.

Solar battery storage will also come in handy in the case of an emergency power outage. Unlike other homes without solar power storage, you can continue to use appliances, lights, and devices because of the saved energy.

Get More Out Of Your Energy

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Reduce Your Energy Costs

When you use a solar battery storage system, you can store energy for times when electricity rates are high and use it when rates are lower. This means that you’ll be able to save money on your energy bills.

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What We Offer

At AES, we have two different models of battery storage systems to choose from. We have the Tesla Powerwall 2 and the Enphase Storage. Visit our Chico Showroom and let our energy experts help you.

Get More Out Of Your Energy

Solar battery storage is an important part of a solar power system and can help to maximize the amount of energy produced and stored. If you’re looking to go solar or need more out of your current solar power system, contact Alternative Energy Systems to learn more about our home battery storage!

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