This is Why Your Energy Bill is Getting Higher

For over one hundred years the energy network has dictated how you receive your power and how much money you pay for it. As consumers, by relinquishing that control, you are pressed into a powerless position (pun intended). There are an assortment of ways to resolve energy frustrations in California, but allow Alternative Energy Systems to outline probable sources of your problem.

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Standby Electronics

With the steady advancements in smart home technology, many of your devices may be “off”, however, while they are plugged in, they are still using energy. This may not have been the case several years ago, but even computers and televisions inflate your energy bill. Everything from your coffee maker to your Alexa, if the device has a clock or is awaiting a task, it’s using your home's power.


Energy Hogging Appliances

Heavy duty appliances like washing machines and dishwashers have a healthy appetite for energy use. Many are becoming more efficient, but Americans tend to overuse them and do not fill them to capacity, rendering them inefficient. This is exasperated by many being old or outdated machines that, in fact, aren’t as efficient as once advertised.


Improper Charging

Sure, it’s convenient to have all of your devices charged and ready, but leaving them plugged in for extended periods of time drains power. In fact, unplugging rarely used items like chargers can assist in lowering your energy bill. However, we understand it may be a necessity, and in that case Alternative Energy Systems can help you save.


Haven’t Gone Solar

Until homeowners switch to off-grid solar systems for their energy supply, they are at the beck and call of utility companies. Solar panel users can expect to cut their energy bills to almost nothing, and invest in solid financial return in the process. That’s in addition to solar tax credits, incentives, and increases in home value. California has one of the best solar rebates in the country, and switching can save you thousands.


There are shortcuts to your energy saving solutions, or there are ways to take control, be independent, and save money. Solar panels are the most forward thinking decision you could make as a homeowner in California. A solar energy solution from Alternative Energy Systems is the clean, affordable, revolutionary way to power your home or business. Call us or visit our website to learn more about your energy solution.

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