The Top 4 Benefits of Clean Energy For Our Community

The Top 4 Benefits of Clean Energy For Our Community

Alternative Energy Systems has worked with communities across Northern California to help deliver clean, affordable, and reliable alternative power to help foster healthier communities and keep the lights shining bright. Here are just some of the benefits that solar energy systems benefit the communities where they are placed!


Economic Benefits

As technology continues to advance and the associated costs with solar systems and energy storage decrease, the economic benefits of implementing a solar system are on the rise. There are several economic opportunities that make investing in solar very lucrative. These opportunities include reduced or eliminated energy bills, increased property tax revenue, and lease revenue when solar is installed on municipally owned land or buildings.


Benefits to Public Health

Everyone has the right to breathe clean air and have access to clean drinking water. Unfortunately, by using carbon-intense fossil fuels to power our homes and businesses, the air and water are polluted and only further contribute to climate change. With solar power systems, communities benefit from zero-emissions from a carbon-free fuel source, a reduced need for traditional coal and natural gas power plants, and a reduced necessity for electrical transmission lines.


Benefits to the Environment

Clean energy like solar power also provides a number of wonderful environmental benefits. These benefits include support for pollinator-friendly habitats, a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions, and the shrinking of your personal and community carbon footprint.


The Benefit of Energy Resiliency

We’ve all felt the impact of climate change, especially during the summer months when temperatures soar. As the weather becomes more extreme and disruptive, homeowners and business owners alike are looking for ways to secure their energy supply with alternative energy solutions that provide resiliency and energy security. This includes solar systems with battery storage components so that energy can continue to be supplied, even during outages.

These are just a few of the benefits that clean energy can have on our communities throughout Northern California. To learn more or to get started on your solar project, please contact Alternative Energy Systems today!

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