The Steps to Home Solar Panel Installation

If you’ve decided to make the switch to solar, there are a few steps to finalize the process. Before you begin relishing in the benefits of solar panel installation, you must first undergo a home site audit, design review, and more. In this blog, our North Valley solar installation specialist explains what to expect in the process.


After sitting down with an installation specialist to sort out the details of your installation and pricing, you’ll then sign your solar contract. A few days after signing your contract, you’ll receive a call to schedule a home site audit. During this audit, a specialist will examine your roof and service panel in order to finalize the design.


In the weeks following your home site audit, your installer will be working on the design of your panel for your review. Depending on your approval, a solar panel will be built off any specifications given – before giving it the final approval, review your design carefully to ensure it’s the proper layout. If you belong to a Homeowner’s Association, you’ll need to prepare the necessary documents for the association’s approval.


Before construction begins to install your solar panels, permits need to be filed pertaining local jurisdiction on construction. This step alone can take a few weeks, but our team at SunPower by Alternative Energy Systems works tirelessly to ensure we obtain the proper permits as soon as possible.


Once your panel is installed and set up, it will undergo inspections for local jurisdiction and your utility provider. These inspections shouldn’t take too long, typically it can be completed within the week of the panels being installed. After inspection, your utility provider will grant Permission to Operate.


Once you’ve been given your Permission to Operate, your solar panel system is ready to be turned on. In order to understand your systems’ full functionality, you’ll be given a walk through on how it works. It’s estimated that the entire process, from contract to activation, can take anywhere from 2-4 months.

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