Google's Project Sunroof Expands Across U.S.

In an effort to increase solar awareness and promote sustainable and renewable energy, Google launched Project Sunroof last August to San Francisco, Fresno, and Boston. The project, which uses Google Earth, allows users to find out if their homes were suitable for solar panels.

Since its launch, Project Sunroof has expanded to tens of millions of potential customers – 42 states have been reached by the project, and it can analyze up to 43 million rooftops. According to Google, customers are visiting the Project Sunroof website each month by the thousands.

As the price of installing sunroofs has gotten significantly less expensive, more and more homeowners are considering it as a viable option to save money on energy costs. Google introduced Project Sunroof as a way to make solar panel and solar energy easy to understand.


Users curious about whether their home is suitable for solar panels can simply type in their address on the Project Sunroof website. Google then figures out how much sunlight is hitting the rooftop throughout the year – when calculating its estimate, the program also considers factors such as shade, weather patterns, and the roof’s orientation.

Potential customers use Project Sunroof as an accessible and easy-to-understand source for their solar curiosities. Solar companies, however, regard the program as a lead generator. Installers who pay to join the platform can receive a list of customers that are not only actively seeking solar, but whose rooftops have already been prescreened. As Project Sunroof evolves and grows, Google plans to expand its growth by supporting community and commercial solar projects.

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