Do Solar Panels Help Conserve Water?

With California in the midst of one of its worst droughts, water consumption and conservation could not be more important. Something homeowners might not know, however, is that solar panels can actually help save water – it takes a significant amount of water to produce many of the things we use every day, including electricity. In this blog, we discuss a couple ways solar panels can help save water.


The traditional electric power plants many of us are familiar with today utilize vast amounts of water to cool off. In the past, U.S. power plants accounted for 45% of total water usage, according to a U.S. Geological Survey. Solar panels, however, are perfectly capable of generating power without the need to cool off – therefore, cutting down water usage. In 2015, the International Renewable Energy Agency found that one solar power plant unit uses 1/200ᵗʰ of the water used by a traditional power plant.


As with most products, how they are produced and manufactured requires a certain amount of water. Although solar panels require water in its production, the sustainable method in which the panels are created can drastically minimize its environmental footprint. According to an analysis done by the River Network, wind and solar panel account for the least amount of water use.

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