Celebrating 15 Years of Serving the North Valley

  • Solar Panel Company in Chico, California
  • Solar Panel Design Showroom in Chico, California
  • Solar Panel Contractor in the North Valley

This fall marks Alternative Energy Systems Inc.’s 15th anniversary. In a process started earlier this summer, our employees have updated uniforms and company vehicles, and our website can be found at a new URL, SavingEnergyforLife.com. These changes emphasize how AES fully embraces its mission of providing our customers with energy-efficient solutions.

These changes also include having a new sign installed at our Chico Showroom, located at the corner of Cohasset and East Avenue. Taking the SunPower® out of our name and our sign allows us to showcase the many ways AES helps people gain independence from their utility. We’re continuing to feature SunPower as our high-efficiency system of choice, while branching out to cover more energy options to help North Valley residents reduce dependence on conventional energy sources.

In addition to the high-efficiency SunPower solar systems AES has specialized in installing over the last 10 years, we’re now offering standard-efficiency systems. All our systems are designed with the same attention to detail and customizations on which AES has built its reputation. We’re determined to provide the best value for our customers by offering select products to ensure your energy needs are met with the solution sized for both your home and your budget.

Award-winning, locally owned AES is the most qualified solar integrator in the North Valley, with 15 years of experience and well over 4,200 projects installed. That means we’ve installed more solar than anyone else locally; for your friends and families, businesses, churches, as well as agricultural and industrial sites.

We may have a new sign, and a new look, but we’re still the same local company the North Valley has depended on to provide solar since 2003. AES is owned and operated by Lance McClung and Tim Hamor, the same two friends who talked about the “what-ifs” of starting a solar company while sitting on the tailgate of Tim’s pickup truck. We’ve got the same staff of solar experts ready to help you start saving money on those ever-growing energy bills.

More than just solar. We’re your local energy experts.