California Green Innovation Index Shows Massive Increase in Solar

Next 10 recently released the 2016 California Green Innovation Index, which showed that solar energy experienced a 1,378% increase between the years of 2009-2014. Extending further than solar, the index also found that all other forms of renewable energy is experiencing significant growth.

The California Green Innovation Index aims to track and follow the state’s continuous efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This report is Next 10’s eighth edition and it is published every year.


In 2014, not only was a quarter of California’s energy needs met by renewable forms of energy, but similar energy sources generated 20% of the state’s electricity that same year. The following year, the report found that California homeowners and business owners installed 3,266 megawatts of solar photovoltaic panels – more than any other state in the country.

California is no stranger to being a solar industry leader. The state is home to several of the industry’s largest facilities and the Interstate Renewable Energy Council recognized California as the first state to generate more than 5% of its electricity from solar. Currently, it is fourth worldwide in electricity from renewable sources.

Next 10 is an independent and nonpartisan organization focused on the junction between the economy, environment, and issues that impact the day-to-day lives of all Californians. By providing information and tools that help broaden the understanding of issues that affect the state, Next 10 hopes its consumers feel empowered to make a difference to better their lives and the lives of other California residents.


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