Buying a House with Solar Panels

When you buy a house with solar panels, you are getting an amazing investment that will help reduce your energy costs and help reduce your carbon footprint. Yet, solar panels need to be professionally maintained in order for them to function optimally. Alternative Energy Systems (AES) is a family-owned solar panel installation company based in Chico, California. Below, we'll take a look at the need for professional solar power maintenance if you purchase a home with solar panels. Contact us today!

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Keep Your Solar Panels Clean

When you buy a home with solar panels, it's important to realize they need to be regularly cleaned. This helps to improve their efficiency, their durability, and ensure they stay covered under the manufacturer's warranty. With too much dirt, debris, bird droppings, and more, your solar panels will not produce as much energy, and they won't look good, either.


Monitor Them Regularly

When you buy a home with solar panels, it's best to check in on them now and again and not go months or even years assuming they are fine and functioning normally. Our professional solar panel inspectors recommend you check in on them about once a month. Call AES for our professional solar power maintenance and repairs to do this for you.


Inspect Your Solar Panels After Extreme Weather

Extreme weather, especially hail and high winds, can cause damage to your solar panels to the extent they may not operate at all. Your solar panels can break, which will make them extremely inefficient in producing energy for you. Be sure to have a professional inspect them after a major storm.

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Find Out if the Solar Panels are Owned, Leased, or Financed

Buying a home with solar panels is exciting, indeed. However, there are some things to consider, such as if the solar panels are owned outright, leased, or if the owner has financed them. Depending on the scenario of the particular solar panel agreement, you may be responsible for paying the monthly payment if you purchase the home and wish to keep the solar panels. Know what you are getting into ahead of time, and call AES for advice when thinking about buying a home with solar panels.


AES is proud to offer both commercial and residential solar power maintenance and repairs. Our team of certified electricians hold many credentials in solar panels in order to ensure the best possible service. By investing in regular professional solar panel maintenance service, you can rest assured that your system will generate energy efficiently every day of the year. Get in touch today.

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