4 Reasons Why Home Solar Panels Are Worth The Investment

4 Reasons Why Home Solar Panels Are Worth The Investment

If you’re looking for a better energy system for your home in California, you’re not alone. Making the switch to home solar panels carries with it several advantages and savings — but the initial cost sometimes stops people from further pursuing the option. Here are four reasons why we at Alternative Energy Systems believe that home solar panels are absolutely worth the initial investment.

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You Can Lower Your Energy Bills

The best thing about home solar panels is that they are able to convert an abundant and free energy resource — sunlight — into clean energy that powers your home. In California, it’s potentially even better with what is called “net metering.” With net metering, if you over-produce energy, that energy is sent back into the grid, which then can provide you with credits from your utility company. For most solar users, their utility bill can be reduced to the point of just a few dollars a month.

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Increase Your Home’s Value

Whether you’re planning on staying in your home for the short or long term, it’s clear that solar panels increase the value of your home. So in addition to any energy savings you may get from a solar system, you’re also investing in the value of your home and increasing its resale value should you sell your home in the future!

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Take Advantage of Government Incentives

There are both state and federal programs available that are designed to make it easier for homeowners to make the switch to solar. Don’t let these opportunities and incentives pass you by! When the opportunity is available for the government to help pay for a portion of your solar system costs, that just means more money kept in your pocket.

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You’re Also Investing in the Community

When you work with a local solar company like Alternative Energy Systems, you’re not only going to get a superior solar setup, you’re also supporting your community. The solar energy field provides many high-paying and stable career opportunities, especially for individuals without a college degree or are military veterans. This all helps contribute to a thriving local community!

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