Solar Panel Maintenance In 3 Easy Steps

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Having solar panels for your home or business is always a great investment. Not only does it increase your property’s value, but it also reduces your monthly energy bills. While solar panels are fairly low-maintenance, it is always a good idea to check on them regularly to ensure they are performing at their best potential, delivering you the highest results. Learn more about the three easy steps you can perform for maintenance or contact our North Valley team at Alternative Energy Systems Inc. (AES) to schedule a regular checkup.

Solar Panel Maintenance In 3 Easy Steps
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Monitor Your Solar Output

When you are determining whether or not your solar panels may need maintenance, you will first want to monitor your solar output. While this can vary depending on weather and time of year, you should have a pretty good idea of your average output. If you see a sudden drop or have seen a slow decline over several weeks or months, it may be a sign that your panels need to be checked on.

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Remove Dirt And Debris

If your panels need maintenance, the first thing you should check is if there is any large debris like leaves or twigs blocking them. You can also see if there is a layer of dust or dirt that has formed on the solar panels over time. These factors can reduce the amount of sunlight that hits the panels, thereby reducing the amount of solar energy that is produced. You should be able to remove most forms of debris with a dry brush.

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Wash And Rinse Your Panels

If your panels need a cleaning, you can easily get them washed by a professional cleaner. Northern California water is often too hard on the panels, but when you hire a professional cleaning team, they will have purified water that is softer and will not risk damaging the panels themselves. They will also be sure to use the proper types of brushes and ensure there are no remaining soap spots left when they are done!

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Get Maintenance Help From The Experts

If there are panels you cannot reach or you are unsure how to best clean or care for your solar panels, it’s best to get help from the experts! Contact AES today to schedule a maintenance checkup. We work on any solar panels, whether we installed them or not! We will make sure your panels are clean and performing at their very best so you can keep saving on your monthly bills.

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